Mistress Maria

Two masochistic men and a masochistic woman pledge absolute obedience to their beloved mistress Maria as a condition of her keeping them. He signed a contract to dedicate his own life to be the Mistress's toy until he died. The mistress chose her prey of the day from among the slaves, depending on her mood, and scattered the studs on the floor and the slaves on their backs. He spins her around, sticks studs all over her body, strips her naked, ties her up, lays her down, smears her body with fresh cream, and then he takes her to the bathroom. We're gonna make her a girl, feed her to a bunch of masochistic men, put her in a plastic bag and make her vomit on them and eat them. He enjoys playing with his slaves as a human toy, humiliating and tormenting them. And today's toy is this slave.