Mistress Yun 2

A special cell in a prison was created for the daughter of the prison warden, a female guard, and she has an extreme sadistic habit. A girl takes her pick of prisoners, imprisons them, subdues them, uses them as human toys, feeds her proclivities, and then takes them back to their homes. There is. The daughter enjoys giving the prisoner no water, no food, and no ejaculation, and she doesn't obey her at first. A prisoner inmate, but her hunger was unbearable and her ejaculation controlled, and she was gradually humiliated and forced to do the bidding of her daughter's sex toy, the "B" word. She is turned into a battered doll and is controlled to eat her daughter's feces. The existence of the warden's daughter's special cell is a tacit understanding in the prison, and no one speaks about it. A female guard gradually drives a prisoner down mentally in this work.


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