Mistress Youko 4

The usual antics of the wealthy Mistress begin. Mistress is in town and in the clubs, luring the man she wants with her beautiful looks and sweet seduction to her mansion, Mi When the stress opens up the furs and you're wearing a piece of lingerie inside, revealing your beautiful body, the sweetest whispers, the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. A man who is seduced by the idea of having sex with Mistress... is at the mercy of Mistress. But that's not what Mistress wants, to gradually subdue a man, to subtly suggest that she has the proclivity for sado. and lead men into the masochistic world of enslavement, eventually eating the excrement of Mistresses, the human urinal slaves The aim is to have her serve in the mansion as a Mistress' play is to enjoy the process.


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