Mistress Shuri

Two gals who each own their own resident masochistic male slave, take their slave on their way home from a dog training walk. While having tea in a cafe, they argued about which slave was better than the other. We decided to let them win. The gals put their pride on the line and let the slaves play blindfolded dog games, Trump slapping games, and pedometers dick dancing. game, local licking game, gold kicking game, face kicking game, face riding breathing game, hand job game If he wins, he is rewarded with cunnilingus, holy water, a hand job, a breast lick, and a spittoon, and if he loses Show them their reward, make them regret it, slap them in the face, whip them, ride both feet, crush their balls and spill them on the floor. Play with punishment with holy water licking cleaning, face punching, etc.


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